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Whether you have a home office or an office of 100 users, We can be your technology partner providing a Single Point of contact for all your Desktop, Network and Business System needs, with fast issue resolution.

 We specialize in Remote and On Site, Small Business Tech Support, Data and Network Security, LAN\WAN Design and Implementation, Secure Wireless Networking, remote access using VPN and office relocations or New Office set ups.
 Complete IT Tech Support Solutions for your business, by the hour, or choose our state of the art Managed Services.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Benefits of Managed Services Based on a managed services model, our services are proactive rather than reactive: the model works because IT issues are prevented before they become problems to be fixed. Because we charge a regular monthly fee to maintain computer health, rather than an hourly fee to fix machines that are broken, our costs are reduced when your network is healthy and strong. We have helped our clients save thousands of dollars a year, while giving them a stable network that is easy to maintain.
  • Lower Total IT Costs: Through a regular monthly fee that covers all preventative and proactive maintenance for client machines, total IT costs are lowered. We monitor a number of key network health indicators; update patches, anti-virus, and anti-spyware tools; and regularly make upgrades and provide fixes before users are impacted or notice a decline in performance. With unlimited Helpdesk support included as part of our support services, most network issues that users do experience are problems that can be quickly corrected without an office visit or hourly fee.
  • Reduced Hidden Costs and Increased Staff Productivity: Because client PCs and servers are stable and secure, with fewer disruptions or breakdowns, your staff have more time to be productive. Our computer standardization strategies assure that all the tools your staff need are at their fingertips while lowering training costs and reducing time-consuming support calls. Our team of certified Engineers provides remote maintenance, fixing even the most complicated problems behind the scenes. A stable and secure network environment also means your staff experiences fewer instances of data loss, instances that not only require your time to rebuild the data, but also impede short- and long-term business growth.
  • Greater IT Cost Predictability: Even with the most robust IT support structure, most small-to-medium businesses struggle to determine how much should be set aside each month for IT support to deal with tricky desktop issues or server and network outages. With our fixed monthly fees that cover monitoring, preventative maintenance, and unlimited remote support, our clients know their exact IT costs per month, and they can budget and plan appropriately.
  • Stronger Alignment of IT with Business Goals: Our clients have access to our business consultants, individuals who have worked with other small-to-medium-sized organizations, to ensure that IT furthers company strategy. Through semi-annual business reviews, our consultants examine client business goals and provide advice and support based on both available and future technology, looking for ways to make our clients’ networks not only stronger but also more efficient. All with the purpose of making sure current IT investments match the uniqueness and breadth of our clients’ visions

Website Development

Are you using an Access Db or Excel spreadsheet to track important data? Would you like to share this data with others? Let Technology Specialists show you how your current databases can be made available to anyone through a web browser, complete with user authentication and access controls.
  • Corporate, Small business or personal websites - We work with you to produce your online presence.
  • Website applications for CRM, Contact Mgmt., E-Commerce, Content Mgmt. Systems, etc...
  • Database management - We can manage your databases to ensure they are optimized, secure and backed up.
  • Photo galleries - Do you need to have an online portfolio of you business or just share your vacation photos with friends? We can help you find and deploy the best solution for you.


Is it time to expand your network? Are you stuck on where to begin or what is the best solution? Technology Specialists can help you;
  • Local Area Networks; Firewalls, Routers, switches, hubs and cabling
  • Wireless Networks; Firewalls, Routers, Print Servers, Bridges, Repeaters and Security
  • DHCP and DNS Installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Wide Area Networks; Firewalls, Routers, CSU/DSU's and cabling


Have your needs grown beyond just a desktop computer? Is it time for a File server? Do you need to Access your files when you are away from the office computer? Do you want to share a printer, without leaving your computer on? Technology Specialists can help you;
  • All Microsoft platforms
  • Active Directory, Distributed File Systems, RADIUS and Domain structures
  • Remote Access solutions.
  • Complete Computer Systems Back-up Solutions - You need to protect your data from disaster? We offer Online backup solutions to fit every need. We can also help you setup a local backup solution.
  • Network storage - NAS, SAN or just an external drive for storage, we can help you find the best solution for you.


Online Backup

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